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Past Productions

2024 - 25 Mauritius, Tick Tick Boom, A Nice Indian Boy, The Revolutionists

2023 - 24 The Marvellous Wonderettes, The Last Romance, Play On

2022 - 23 Sherlock's Veiled Secret, Confessions of a Grocery Clerk (co-production), Rumors, Laughter on the 23rd Floor, Our Town

2021 - 22 Season cancelled due to Covid

2020 - 21 Season cancelled due to Covid

2019 - 20 Terror By Gaslight, Once Upon A FairytaleDrinking Habits 2, The rest of season cancelled due to Covid 

2018 - 19 The Haunting of Hill House, Little Red Riding Hood, Rabbit Hole, Detroit, The Melville Boys
2017 - 18 Little Shop of Horrors, Sleeping Beauty, Drinking Habits, 4000 Miles, You Can't Take It With You, An Evening of One Acts
2016 - 17 Body and Soul, Forever Plaid, Towards Zero, Vinci, Charley's Aunt, Love's Labours Lost (co-production with Alchemy Theatre)
2015 - 16 Other Desert Cities, Inspecting Carol, Over the River and Through the Woods, Tea and SympathyCalendar GirlsTaming of the Shrew (co-production with Alchemy Theatre)
2014 - 15 Murder By The Book, Christmas Belles, Go Back For Murder, The O'Conner Girls, Lend Me a Tenor, A Midsummer Night's Dream (co-production with Alchemy Theatre)
2013 - 14 Let's Murder Marsha, The Importance of Being Uncle Roscoe, Alone Together, Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet),                                                   Fawlty Towers, Twelfth Night
2012 - 13 Ned Durango Comes to Big Oak, Dear Santa, Fawlty Towers, For The Pleasure of Seeing Her Again,  Wait Until Dark
2011 - 12 Spirit Level, Mrs. Bob Cratchit's Wild Christmas Binge, The Kitchen Witches, The Winslow Boy
2010 - 11 Doubt, Norman, Is That You?, Amadeus, The Shadow of Murder
2009 - 10 Return Engagements, An Evening of Culture, Belles, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
2008 - 09 Cliffhanger, King John's Christmas, Opening Night, Marion Bridge, The House of Agatha Mystrie
2007 - 08 Bathroom Humour, Cinderella, Evelyn Strange, Here on the Flight Path
2006 - 07 Who Saw Him Die, Aladdin, Night of the Foolish Moon, Moon Over Buffalo
2005 - 06 How the Other Half Loves, The Christmas Present of Christmas Past, Rebecca, Wrong Turn At Lungfish
2004 - 05 When The Reaper Calls, The Sorcerer Princess, This Year Next Year, Out of Order
2003 - 04 Not Now Darling, Rehearsal For Murder, Maggie's Getting Married, Renovations
2002 - 03 A Tomb With A View, Darkside, King John's Christmas, Born Yesterday, The Cat and The Canary, Sex Lives of Superheroes, Personal Effects,                          Single and Proud
2001 - 02 Death of a Salesman, The Cinderella Caper, This Above All, Tainted Justice, Office Hours
2000 - 01 Casting For Murder, First Night, The Lady's Not For Burning, Misery, Five Women Wearing The Same Dress
1999 - 00 The Hollow, Transylvanian Clockworks, Accommodations
1998 - 99 Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Fighting Days, And Then I Wrote
1997 - 98 Angel Street, Lily the Felon's Daughter, You Can't Take It With You, Ten Little Indians
1996 - 97 Design for Living, Barnaby, Ravenscroft, Kindly Leave The Stage, California Suite
1995 - 96 Seduced by Moonlight, Beanie & The Bamboozling Book Machine, Sound of Murder, Road to Mecca, A Chorus of Disapproval, Rule of Three
1994 - 95 Mutiny on the Minsk, It Had To Be You, Romantic Comedy, Eat Your Heart Out, Steel Magnolias
1993 - 94 A Turn for the Nurse, I'll Be Back Before Midnight, Love Letters, Run for Your Wife
1992 - 93 Old King Cole, Any Number Can Die, The Cemetery Club
1991 - 92 The Dining Room, Tribute, There Goes the Bride
1990 - 91 The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940, Stick With Molasses, The Saloon Keepers Daughter
1989 - 90 Barefoot in the Park, The Cat Princess, Time to Kill, Bell, Book & Candle
1988 - 89 The Glass Menagerie, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, The Hand that Cradles the Rock, The Gondoliers
1987 - 88 The Passion of Dracula, Winnie the Pooh, Vanities, Heaven Can Wait
1986 - 87 Big Bad Mouse, Alice in Wonderland, Blood Relations, Rodgers and Hart
1985 - 86 The Good Doctor, Move Over Mrs. Markham, Sing a Song of Sixpence, The Haunting of Hill House, You Can't Take It With You
1984 - 85 California Suite, Blithe Spirit, Androcles and the Lion,  The Cat and the Canary,  The Dark Moon and the Full, Anything Goes
1983 - 84 Where the Cross is Made, Walter, Doing a Good One for the Red Man, The Diary of Anne Frank, Nobody Loves a Dragon,                                                            The Man Who Came to Dinner, With All My Love I Hate You, Werewolf, The Pirates of Penzance
1982 - 83 Fumed Oak, Amicable Parting, Visitor From Forest Hills, The Pushcart Peddlers, Jitters, Jack and the Beanstalk, The Hollow, Lorelei
1981 - 82 Live Spelled Backwards, Babel Rap, Lovely Afternoon, Bea Frank Ritchie & Joan, Chapter Two, The Chalk Garden, Rumplestiltskin,                                        The Three Billy Goats Gruff, My Three Angels, Home Free, H.M.S. Pinafore
1980 - 81 Evening of One Acts, Harvey, The Crucible, Stop the World - I Want to Get Off
1979 - 80 God's Favourite, Cinderella, Everything in the Garden, Impromptu, Finian's Rainbow
1978 - 79 Little Mary Sunshine, Anyone Could Rob a Bank, Strange Bedfellows, A Tri-Colour Suite, One Wild Oat
1977 - 78 Babes in Arms, The Frog Prince, Star Spangled Girl, Billy Liar, The Puppet Master
1976 - 77 You're a Good Man Charlie Brown, Pygmalion, The Tinder Box, Move Over Mrs. Markham, A Thurber Carnival, Vagabond Cabaret
1975 - 76 No Sex Please, We're British, Who Killed Santa Claus?, Summer and Smoke, Carnival
1974 - 75 Not Now Darling, Arsenic and Old Lace, Leaving Home, The Apple Tree
1973 - 74 Ghost Train, The Death and Life of Sneaky Fitch, The Fantasticks
1972 - 73 The Boyfriend, King of the Ice Cream Mountain, The Puppet Master, Luv, Good and Faithful Servant, Adaptation
1971 - 72 Vintage '71, The Gazebo, There's a Girl in my Soup, The Richest Man in Town, The Persecution and Petrification of Yours Truly 
1970 - 71 Never Too Late, Mother Goose, Light Up The Sky, Monica, Change for the Worse
1969 - 70 Barefoot in the Park, Two Pails of Water, The Firebugs, Bus Stop, The Amorous Prawn
1968 - 69 Ten Little Indians, Aladdin & His Wonderful Lamp, Rape of the Belt, Dearly Departed, Five to Six, Verbrennie Soup, Nude with Violin
1967 - 68 Gigi, Belles & Beaux, Only An Orphan Girl, Aspern Papers
1966 - 67 Mary Mary, The Man, The Crime of Louis Riel, Dear Delinquent
1965 - 66 The Tender Trap, The Vagabond Whirl, The Award, Teach Me How To Cry, A Slight Ache, The Collection
1964 - 65 Our Town, Critic's Choice, Bernadine, Pool's Paradise, Sunday Costs Five Pesos, Dark Brown
1963 - 64 Speaking of Murder, The Marriage-Go-Round, The Best Man, Because Their Hearts Were Pure        
1962 - 63 Hotel Paradiso, The Rope Dancers, The Breath of Spring, More Than Meets The Eye
1961 - 62 Happiest Days of Your Life, The Shrike, The Great Sebastions, Dark at the Top of the Stairs
1960 - 61 Castle in the Air, Ondine, Gaslight, The Silver Whistle
1959 - 60 Here We Come Gathering, Come Back Little Sheba, Caine Mutiny Trial, Strange Bedfellows
1958 - 59 Dirty Work at the Crossroads, The Mousetrap, Doctor in the House, Simon & Laura
1957 - 58 The Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker, Skin of our Teeth, Reluctant Debutante, My 3 Angels
1956 - 57 The Festival, Death of a Salesman, Bus Stop, Time Out for Ginger
1955 - 56 See How They Run, Juno & The Paycock, Trial & Error, My Sister Eileen, The End of the Beginning
1954 - 55 Arsenic & Old Lace, Goodbye My Fancy, Flight Into Egypt, Harvey, Almost Trouble, Never Tell a Lie, Tonight of All Nights, Pot Luck
1953 - 54 You Can't Take It With You, The Curious Savage, The Philadelphia Story, High Ground, Fumed Oak
1952 - 53 Legend of Sarah, Bell, Book & Candle, Only an Orphan Girl, The Sacred Flame, Fortunate Writes a Letter
1951 - 52 Strange Bedfellows, The Hasty Heart, The Late Edwina Black, Evening Dress Indispensable, The Marriage Proposal, Overlaid
1950 - 51 Petticoat Fever, Down with the Frost Giants, I Have Been Here Before, George, Tonight of All Nights
1949 - 50 Blithe Spirit, Papa is All, A Scrap of Paper, Hello Out There, Snowed in with the Duchess
1948 - 49 Night Must Fall, The Glass Menagerie, Goodnight Caroline, Suppressed Desires
1947 - 48 The First Mrs. Fraser, Ladies in Retirement
1946 - 47 The Green Light, Susan & God, Payment in Full, Orange Blossoms
1945 - 46 Carpet Slippers, Her Masters Voice, The Late Mr. Scarface, Absent-Minded Lady, Red Wax, A Ring on Her Fingers, The Jewelled Hand
1944 - 45 Yes & No, Mystery At Greenfingers, Red Wax, The Clock Strikes Ten, The Rest Cure
1943 - 44 Captain Applejack, War Correspondent, The Challenge of the Cross, Strange Evening
1942 - 43 Her Step-Husband, Sailormen, Don't Feed the Animals
1941 - 42 The Campbells are Coming, A Small Hour, The 300th Performance, Ring on her Fingers, Love & Cousin Albert
1940 - 41 Hay Fever, The Sentence, All in a Day's Work, The Rest Cure
1939 - 40 A Murder Has Been Arranged, The Mask, The Whip Hand
1938 - 39 The Hidden Guest, Nine Points of the Law
1937 - 38 Grandma Goes to Hollywood, D 298, Finders Keepers, Mansions
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