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Body and Soul


Body and Soul

By Elizabeth Elwood (
Directed by Elizabeth Elwood


October 6 - 29, 2016 (gala night October 8)

Thursday - Saturday at 8pm and Sunday at 2pm




When Timothy Grey quits his job to write a book about one of the Royal City’s forefathers, his friend, Conrad, finds an unorthodox way to ensure that the historic details are correct. With the help of a psychic seamstress, Conrad restores the resident ghost and sets off a chain of events that turns history upside down. Add in a glamorous fiancée, a cranky landlord, a pizza delivery man, and a pretty librarian from the downstairs suite, and the result is a delightful comedy filled with romance and high spirits. Written by Vagabond Players very own Elizabeth Elwood, this world premiere of Body and Soul is set in a heritage home in the Queen’s Park area of New Westminster!


Cast (in order of appearance) 


Alex Ross - Timothy

Tracy Labrosse - Jenny

Kurtis Magure - Fairfax

Michael Parker - Ernie

Heather Evens - Laurie

Jeremy Heynen - Conrad

Alison Main-Tourneur - Tibby

Jacqollyne Keath - Mary Fairfax


For ticket information and sales, click here.

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