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An Evening of One Acts


July 26 - August 12th, 2018

Thursday - Saturday at 8pm and Sunday at 2pm

Hidden In This Picture

By Aaron Sorkin

Directed by Colleen Byberg

A first time film director dealing with an egotistical writer, a penny pinching production manager, a dim witted assistant and an invasion of cows that have arrived to ruin his Oscar winning shot. A fast paced, laugh-out-loud comedy.

Cast in order of appearance
John Cousins as Robert
Nancy Kato as Ruby
Douglas Perri as Jeff
Sean Mawhinney as Craig

Possible Worlds

by John Mighton

Directed by Alex Ross

A man living in parallel worlds meets and falls in love with multiple incarnations of the same woman. Meanwhile, two detectives try to track down a murderer who steals the brains of his victims. A romance, murder mystery and science-fiction that is sure to challenge the minds of all who see it.
Cast in order of appearance
Kurtis Maguire as Berkley
Jeremy Heynen as Williams
Ray Boulay as George Barber
Alexandra Wilson as Joyce
Alex Ross as Penfield

Production Team
Producers - Alexandra Wilson, Jeremy Heynen, Ray Boulay, Alex Ross
Production Manager - Elizabeth Drummond (Hidden In This Picture)
Stage Managers - Katia Luchyshyna (Hidden In This Picture), Abigale Beggs (Possible Worlds)
Set Design - Warren Johnson (Possible Worlds)
Costume Design - Collen Byberg (Hidden In This Picture), Bev Pride (Possible Worlds)
Lighting Design - Alex Ross
Lighting Crew - Alex Ross, Ray Boulay
Sound Design - Colleen Byberg (Hidden In This Picture), Jeremy Heynen (Possible Worlds)
Properties - The Cast (Hidden In This Picture), Alexandra Wilson, Alex Ross & Denise Brookson (Possible Worlds)
Set Decoration - Colleen Byberg (Hidden In This Picture), Ray Boulay (Possible Worlds)
Set Construction & Painting - Warren Johnson, Alex Ross, Ray Boulay, Jeremy Heynen, John Cousins, Anne Rhodes
Poster Design & Artwork - Andrew Skuja
Program Design - Alison Main-Tourneur
Publicity - John Cousins & Colleen Byberg

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