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Twelfth Night


Twelfth Night

By William Shakespeare

Directed by Matthew Davenport


August 13 - 24, 2014 

Wednesday - Saturday at 8pm and Saturday - Sunday at 2pm




Shipwrecked on the shores of Illyria and mourning her lost twin brother, young Viola quickly becomes entangled in the courts – and courtships – of lovelorn Duke Orsino and the beautiful noblewoman Olivia. Viola is whisked into a world of music, pranks, and mistaken identities. Disguising herself as a boy, she is caught in the centre of an almighty love triangle. When you’re wooing the woman who loves you on behalf of the man you love, can everyone get their fairytale ending? Shakespeare’s comic masterpiece about the many forms that love may take comes alive in this fast, fun, and imaginative production.




Alex Ross - Sir Toby

Amy Goheen - Officer

Boris Bilic - Andrew

Carly June - Viola

Chris Fofonoff - Feste

Howard Dai - Valentine

Keaton Mazurak - Orsino

Kurtis Maguire - Malvolio

Lara Foley - Antonio

Kyle Whip - Captain/Priest

Natalie Backerman - Fabian

Paige Fraser - Maria

Rose McNeil - Olivia

Theo Budd - Sebastian

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