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sara - Aggie better.JPG
Nancy - Geraldine better.JPG
Richard - Henry  better.JPG
Emma - Polly better.JPG
Abigail - Marla better.JPG

Sara Dunn as Aggie Manville

Nancy Ebert as Geraldine (Gerry) Dunbar

Richard Gunther as Henry Benish 

Emma Greenhalgh (She/Her)  as Polly Benish 

Abigail Walkner as Marla (Smitty) Smith


Alex - Saul better.jpg
Luca - Billy better.JPG
Kelsey - Violet_edited.jpg
Mo - Louise.JPG
Denise - Phyllis better.JPG

Alex Ross as Saul Watson

Luca Herring as Billy Carewe

Kelsey Robertson as Violet Imbry 

Mo (Ka Wing) Yan as Louise Peary

Denise Brookson as Phyllis Montague

Production Team

miles best (1).jpg
Sara Lohnes - SM.JPG
Cheryl - ASM.JPG

Miles Lavdulich - Director

Sara Lohnes - Stage Manager

Cheryl Minns  - Asst Stage Manager

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